Former England spinner Monty Panesar

Former England spinner Monty Panesar has declared his retirement from the Workers Party of Great Britain’s parliamentary campaign. In the upcoming general election, Panesar was scheduled to run for the West London seat of Ealing Southall.

But he pulled out following difficult interviews with the media, one in which he found it difficult to voice an opinion regarding the UK’s continued membership in NATO. Panesar conveyed his delight in playing cricket at the top level for his nation.

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The first Sikh to be elected to the English parliament in 2006, Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, has withdrawn from The Workers Party’s general election campaign. He wants to help people and admits that he is still learning about politics.

As a member of the Workers Party since 2006, Panesar has stated his desire to speak for all of the nation’s workers. Best wishes to The Workers Party from someone who is eager to grow up and find his place in politics. As Panesar develops and learns more about politics, he makes this decision.

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