Stormy Daniels Donald Trump

In a high-profile trial, Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, provided explicit testimony about an alleged 2006 sex encounter with Donald Trump.

Trump, now 77, faces charges of falsifying business records to reimburse his lawyer for a hush money payment to Daniels, made just before the 2016 election.

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Daniels recounted meeting Trump at a golf tournament. She testified that Trump called her “Honeybunch” and shared details of their conversation, including Trump’s remarks about his wife Melania, and his daughter.

During her testimony, Stormy Daniels emphasized that the sexual encounter with Donald Trump was consensual, and Trump himself expressed satisfaction afterward.

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She described in detail how they engaged in sexual activity, including the absence of a condom and doing it in the missionary position.

Daniels also recounted a moment when Trump unexpectedly entered the bedroom while she was in the bathroom, suggesting his intentions were clear.

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Accompanied by his son Eric, Trump reacted visibly to Daniels’ statements, at times shaking his head in discomfort.

Trump expressed frustration on social media about the surprise witness, Daniels, and his lawyers called for a mistrial.

The trial, revolving around the alleged hush money payment, has put Trump back in the legal spotlight as he pursues political ambitions.