Green Card USA

Working hard, being focused, and highly skilled in your field just to wait in a queue to get accepted is the harsh reality that the majority of Indians are facing right now. The employment-based green card is a basic necessity that is being delayed and prolonged for no apparent reason. According to the data shared by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services over 1.2 million (12.6 lakh) Indians including their dependents, are waiting for their first, second, and third employment-based green card.

It is very evident that without Congressional action the increment in backlog won’t stop. Congressional research of 2020 showed that the top three employment-based green card categories would reach the number 21,95,795 by fiscal year 2030. And the predictable number of years it would take to eliminate the backlog will amount to 195 years.

The The hashtag #greencardbacklog continues to feature on X. Clearly the wait for green card for credible Indians is nothing new. The harsh reality is that immigrants who are credible and highly skilled immigrants are going through this kind of harassment. Though it is a well known fact and regardless of plenty appeals this torture is yet to witness any change.