At a time when Palestine is struggling to find a global recognition as a nation state, a middle school in the United States of America has given the deserved respect to the country. What’s interesting is that it is the USA which vetoed when the UN security council demanded recognition for Palestine. This has created quite a stir in the country and people are seeing this as an insult to the Jews.

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The news is from Kellogg Middle school in Seattle where they displayed Palestine alongside other Arab and African countries for Arab and Middle Eastern heritage month in April. A user on X pointed out that Israel was left out from this deliberately and expressed his disappointment.

At a time when even speaking against a genocide is seen as anti-semitic in the US, leaving out Israel from the list must seem like a grave crime to some. Although geographically in the same region, Israel has zero cultural relation to the Arab and Middle Eastern heritage and they themselves don’t identify as one.

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May is the Jewish American Heritage month and the display still remained in the school causing this reaction. In retrospect, America may find itself on the wrong side of history. But it is bewildering to think about the hatred that country holds today against the Palestinians.