Katherine Birbalsingh

In a high-profile legal battle, her Indian-origin former principal Katherine Birbalsingh was declared as a winner in her case against the UK High Court. The court excused her action of preventing the worship services at Michaela School, which is an upper high school in Wembley, London. The verdict was handed down following the Muslim pupil had taken the challenge to court to say that her aspect of beliefs was hit hardest by the ban because of such its ritualistic nature.

Nevertheless, Ms. Birbalsingh, who is also referred to as “Britain’s strictest headmistress”, never strayed from preserving the values of inclusivity to be the main pattern of success for her school. Being notable that 50% of school population is the muslims, still, the school policy reveals the forbidden plants of reciting prayers.

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Having recognized that the schools are entitled to make their own decisions, that court also supported the school’s prohibition of indoor ritual prayer. The 80-page judgment of the magistrate, Justice Thomas Linden, showed that the school’s commitment to safe-securalism of both tolerance and reserve was pivotal in this case.

Ruling, the fact that schools should be free to implement their policies that are probably going to results in the best interest of the students is reminded. Birbalsingh’ contradicting opinion on the issue was that it was a “triumph for all the schools.” He urged for the integration of the complementary aspects in traditional and contemporary education.

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