Vivek Ramaswamy

A few days back, the United States of America accused India of being xenophobic. Biden said that we are not doing as well as the USA when it comes to the economy because we’re xenophobic and don’t want immigrants. The comment invited criticism from all around and people called it ironic. A statement by a US author has put the country on the backfoot as it exposes how xenophobic and racist they themselves are.

American author Ann Coulter is in controversy for her statement at a podcast at which she was sharing the mic with Vivek Ramaswamy. Ann said that she wouldn’t have voted for Vivek in the presidential election only because of his Indian ethnicity.

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Vivek took to X to share this incident and said that even though he respects her honesty, he disagrees with her. Ann agreed with most of Vivek’s views on different issues but still said she wouldn’t have voted for him because of his Indian heritage.

This is both racist and xenophobic of the author and exposes that the problem is deep rooted in America. Instead of accusing other countries of xenophobia, America needs to keep a check on their own people.

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