Singapore Airlines

Mishaps in aeroplanes are not new things. Starting from missing seats to major turbulence everything happens.

Recently an aeroplane caught on fire, but nobody was harmed during the process of saving the passengers because of the cabin crew.

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Similar thing happened with flight SQ321. The boss of Singapore Airlines, Goh Choon Pong, thanked the crew and care staff for the service they have provided after the turbulence incident in which a British man died and ten more people were injured.

On 21 May, when the plane was crossing the Indian ocean the turbulence hit the flight and caused major panic.

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Mr. Goh said , “ On behalf of the Board and the entire management team, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

73-year-old, Geoff Kitchen from Gloucestershire, died from a suspected heart attack after the plane was hit by turbulence, Mr Goh offered his deepest condolences to Mr Kitchen’s family and apologised to everyone affected.

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Many more people were hospitalised during the incident, but no Crew or passengers were harmed.

He said Singapore’s Transport Safety Investigation Bureau would conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.