Donald Trump

The land of freedom has another threat for international students studying in the country. The United States has failed terribly at addressing the anti-war protests happening in the country across numerous universities. It has resorted to brute force like any dictatorship and scenes are so bad that even democracy deprived nations are coming out in support of students in America.

In such situations, the presidential candidate for the Republicans and former President Donald Trump has said that if he gets elected, he would deport the students involved in protests. It is ironic that the USA, the land of freedom, offers two things to those whose ideas they don’t like. One is brutal repression and the other is a direct kick out.

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In a previous event, Trump clearly said that there’s no need to worry about the ‘right’ even after videos surfaced where anti-palestine protesters were seen physically attacking the peaceful anti-war protesters.

The message from Trump is quite clear and we’ve already seen the grand scale of it during the Capitol hill rising. As long as you speak for what the party stands for, you’re allowed to do anything you want. But if you go against that rhetoric, we’d make sure that sitting in gardens becomes treason.

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The situation doesn’t look favorable for any foreign student studying in the USA and doesn’t want to remain a puppet of Uncle Sam’s.

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