Sexually Assaulted A Woman

An inhumane incident in New York City has shocked the entire world. CCTV footage went viral related to the incident that unnerved its viewers.

In the clip, a woman is seen walking down the pavement at East 152nd Street and Third Avenue who was attacked from behind by a masked assalaint. The man used a belt to trap the woman by her neck who became unconscious as soon as she fell to the ground. Then, the woman was dragged between two nearby parked cars and the assalaint raped the woman. All of this was caught on camera which went viral.

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The attacker ran from the crime scene and is yet to be caught by the NYPD. The woman was shifted to a nearby hospital but is not much cooperative with the NYPD, as per reports. There have been reports that the assalaint was familiar with the victim’s schedule.

Incidents like this make one question about the humanity of the society. How could it stoop so low? The US has been trying to curb sexual assault rates ever since. The rate is 1 out of every 6 women to have experienced attempted rape in her lifetime. One out of 33 American men has experienced the same.

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Incidents like these demands for stronger and harsher sentences against such culprits but it is a failure of our society that we are unable to protect its citizens from such incidents.