Virginia IT Firm Fined $38K

The recent case of Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., a tech company in Virginia, US, highlights a problem that’s unfortunately still around: racial discrimination in hiring.

The company got in trouble for a job ad that said they only wanted white people to apply. This goes against the law, which says you can’t discriminate based on things like race or where someone’s from.

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This situation connects to the struggles that people from diverse backgrounds, including ‘desis’ or people from India, often face when trying to find work in the US.

Even though laws say everyone should have a fair shot, incidents like this one show that bias can still get in the way.

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Arthur Grand Technologies Inc. was fined $7,500 by the Justice and Labor departments. The company must also pay $31,000 to 31 individuals who complained about the discriminatory posting.

But stopping discrimination isn’t just about punishing companies—it’s also about changing how they think.

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By promoting diversity and making sure everyone feels included, we can make the job market a fairer place for everyone, no matter where they’re from or what they look like.