chartered flight

There are some concerns over possible illegal immigration forcing the cancellation of a chartered flight carrying 218 Indian people from Dubai to Jamaica on May 2. The flight arrived in Kingston on May 2.

The aeroplane was redirected back to Dubai despite the passengers’ wishes to go, due to concerns expressed by Jamaican authorities regarding their immigration status.

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The aircraft, which was flying from Germany to Dubai for a layover, did not have the required authorizations, including a passenger manifest, to land in Jamaica.

Authorities found anomalies at Jamaica Norman Manley International Airport, such as the flight not disclosing its destination and no plans for the passengers’ return travel.

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Airport officials let the aircraft land in spite of these worries, and the passengers were accommodated at a classy hotel in Downtown Kingston while being watched over by law enforcement.

For touristic reasons, a chartered jet with Indian passengers and a Germany registration touched down at Kingston, Dubai. Although the travellers had previous hotel reservations, the local government did not approve of their tourist credentials.

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Following three days of deliberation and diplomatic negotiations, the flight, along with its passengers, was instructed to return to their origin in Dubai.