Previously, TV serials often crossed language barriers with remakes. Many Telugu serials were remade into Tamil, and vice versa. For instance, the Hindi hit Pavitra Rishta, starring the late Sushant Singh Rajput, was a remake of the Tamil serial Thirumathi Selvam.

Now, with TV becoming a passe, popular OTT shows are taking the spotlight for remakes across languages.

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One such example is TVF’s Panchayat, which became a massive OTT hit across its three seasons. However, its absence in Tamil and Telugu disappointed many South viewers.

Prime Video’s decision not to dub it in these languages was to remake it instead, with Tamil and Telugu actors.

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The Tamil version, titled Thalavettiyaan Paalayam, features stand-up comic Abhishek Kumar in the lead, alongside Chetan and Devadarshini. The shoot is complete, and it’s set to premiere soon.

While such remakes signify a lack of new creativity and few talented writers, they also reflect OTT platforms’ preference for quick profits over fresh content.

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Netizens have expressed concern that remakes risk diluting the original magic of Panchayat, known for its natural and heartfelt performances. They fear the South versions might miss the mark and come off as cringe-worthy.

Many argue that dubbing the original show in Tamil and Telugu, similar to Mirzapur, would have been a better choice.