Ravi Teja’s latest Telugu action-thriller, “Eagle,” is now out on OTT.

The film takes viewers on an exhausting journey deep into the Talakona forest, where danger lurks in every shadow.

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Disguised as a humble farmer, Sahdev Verma, portrayed by the formidable Ravi Teja, conceals a deadly past as the notorious assassin, Eagle.

Now available for streaming on Prime Video India and ETV Win, “Eagle” offers Telugu-speaking audiences an experience with English subtitles.

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While its theatrical release received mixed reviews and poor box office results, the film’s transition to the OTT platform hasn’t sparked much buzz.

Initial reactions from viewers suggest a lukewarm response, with some labeling it a passable one-time watch.

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Despite its shortcomings, some viewers are impressed with the stunning cinematography, a captivating love story, and Ravi Teja’s understated yet compelling performance.

The film’s action sequences soar to new heights but are marred by a confused screenplay and editing inconsistencies.

While the first half turned out to be irritating for many due to the never-ending elevations, the second half picks up the pace, offering moments of some excitement due to well-shot action scenes.

Overall, the reception on OTT seems to be similar to the audience’s response in theaters.