House of the Dragon S2

“House Of The Dragons” is a huge phenomenon in the world of Game Of Thrones, as it serves as a prequel to the things that have happened in the Game Of Thrones.

And the Season 2 episode 1 of House Of The Dragons started streaming today, which is 17th June, morning. But, fans are singing some other songs as according to them, Jio Cinema made some cuts in the first episode making it a 55 Minutes 42 Second episode.

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This doing of JioCinema caught the eyes of the OG fans, as according to them the episode is no less than 58 Minutes 3 Seconds in Max.

So this is very clear that Jio Cinema has censored some scenes which might have the potential to twist the story, but we can assume that they have censored some steamy scenes.

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Similar problems have happened before as well.

These sneaky things are the reason behind piracy, although it is a crime.

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