One of 2024's Best Films Coming on Prime Video

A dive into a dystopian depiction of a war conflict is coming to Amazon Prime on the 28th of June. This Alex Garland epic peaks into a future America with a Civil war on the rise and a handful of journalists racing against time.

The core conflict of the plot is intentionally vague as it does not point at any specific ideological dispute, rather the makers have left blank spaces for the audience to fill up.

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The lack of context of conflict enables the viewers to project any ideology regardless of their understanding of American politics. The plot revolves around a group of journalists trying to reach Washington DC to interview the President on the backdrop of a Civil War.

The entry point to the plot is Lee, portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, who is a war correspondent. Her character arc shows a journey filled with atrocities and tragic war incidents. Her serious portrayal is very well complimented by the character of Joel who brings an element of glee and delight.
Their road-trip-style journey invokes an honest portrayal of war journalism. The approach to violence feels very grounded and one of the major highlights of the movie is how the characters become desensitized to extreme violence.

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The theatrical response of Civil War has been surprisingly positive as such movies fail to avoid controversy most of the times.

The creators succeed at keeping the movie from becoming another political war film but at the same time that aspect makes the film lack a few notches in terms of storytelling. This movie has surpassed expectations in terms of action. It’s an experience you cannot miss. Civil War will be available on Amazon Prime from June 28.

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