suzumeYou might have seen love stories that do not end well, sometimes a very weird pair also make a great love story. You can never have imagined the romance between a girl and a chair. Yes! You read it right, a wooden speaking chair. Director Makoto Shinkai is widely known for including supernatural elements in their stories. But this time he has outdone himself with his new Anime movie named ‘Suzume’.

The director who is famous for creating classics like ‘Your Name’ and ‘The Garden Of Words’ has come up with a really interesting story. Suzume is a 17-year-old schoolgirl who finds a suspicious ‘door’ near an abandoned place. She accidentally opens it, Little to know that she accidentally opened the portal which had locked the giant worm for ages.

Now to save the world she, along with that cute little chair who is by the way the protagonist must close all the doors and lock the worm with the key which unfortunately went missing. Makoto Shinkai has a unique ability to include unbelievable elements into a fairly simple story without making it cringe or a mess.

It is the beauty of the movie that we start believing in its theories. The movie is a masterclass in terms of its animation. Fantastic action set pieces and mesmerizing locations will make you fall in love with its world. Apart from its action and animation, it will also pull your emotional strings. The changing dynamics between Suzume, Sota- the chair, and Daijin – the cat is a treat to watch. It is the fandom of this anime that Makoto Shinkai even came to India to promote this.

It has got 7.8 rating on IMDb and is rated 96% fresh on rotten tomatoes. The movie has been released in PVR all over India.