4 Lacs/Day, Two Innovas As Escort: Sucking Producer's BloodHe is a reputed supporting artist of Tollywood. He is respected for his talent and unique dialogue delivery. He has an exclusive fanbase for that and a reputation for taking a film to next level.

But then talent comes in handy only when it is accompanied by humility. It is not the case with this man. He is sucking the blood of the producers with unreasonable demands.

He is charging Four Lakhs per day. If he gets a significant role, the bill goes up by more than One Crore rupees. That’s not just about it. This man has developed a fetish for show-off in recent times.

Along with his staff and other expenses, he demands two Innovas to escort him daily to the shoot. We do not know what purpose these Innovas serve but he says he feels the Kick to be escorted.

And then, there should be a high-end Caravan on par with the hero and heroines. The Battas of his staff, the expenses of luxury travel and accommodation in case of outdoor shoots add up as an extra.

Besides his regular paycheck, these extras add up to bills running in Lakhs of Rupees. 

Even after providing all this, we do not expect him to work until 6 PM. Paying so much, producers expect to make full use of his call sheet but that’s not the case.

Around 4 PM, he gets calls about some urgent work and he always looks to wind up work by 5 PM leaving the producer high and dry. 

If we keenly observe, for this very reason, offers have dried up for him in recent times because not many producers can really afford him.

All those cost control measures by the Guild in the name of COVID are more or less a joke.