Bheemla Nayak USA Fans Mess TheatersThe Indian population in the U.S. is growing big with each passing day. As a result, Indian movies are also releasing in a big way and off late, Telugu cinema has made a name for itself as they get huge audiences and also wide release.

When it comes to star hero releases, the fans go berserk and a festive atmosphere is created during the first day of the release and fans go all out. But there are also a few who take things to the next level.

A bunch of Pawan Kalyan fans brought coconuts for Bheemla Nayak, pumpkins and many other things and took Disthi in front of the theater in California. A video of the same has gone viral where the Indian fans are making a mess in front of the theater.

This did not go well with the American staff who work at the theater and they swore big time to clean up the mess. This is not the first time that this happened as crazy Indian fans created the same ruckus for films like Akhanda and Pushpa and the theater management had a tough time cleaning the mess.

Seeing this, one can say that there is no wrong in going crazy when a star hero film releases but doing such crazy stuff and making the premises dirty is something not called off in a country where the theater staff have no clue why these guys behaving like this.