A Surprise Visit for Rajinikanth

Super Star Rajnikanth has recently completed his part in his upcoming film Kochadiiyaan and after doing so took his time to make a visit to Tirupathi along with his daughter Aishwarys who is married to actor Dhanush. Even as his mind was filled with peace after the visit, there was another pleasant surprise waiting at the star’s doorstep.

As it so happens, a Pastor named Saami Thangiyah had visited Rajini at his Poes Garden residence. Rajinikantha, despite being a devotee of Lord Sri Raghavednra has nothing but regard for other religions and was genuinely happy by this visit. The pastor proceeded to bless the actor by touching his chest. He also said the prayer that had been planted in him will grow like a tree and bring lots of prosperity in his life. Rajinikanth, in his turn, seemed touched by the kind words and was thankful for the blessing.