Aamani---Casting-CouchThe debate on casting couch has become the part of almost all the recent interviews with the celebrities. Senior actress Aamani was also asked to narrate her experiences about the casting couch issue when she was playing the heroine as a successful actress.

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Aamani revealed that some new companies used to finalize everything and then ask her to come to the guest house for a makeup test. But, when they said that she shouldn’t bring her mother along with her, she understood that there was something fishy. However, such things used to happen only with new companies.

It was not the case with established and big producers who dealt with everyone in a professional manner. She also clarified that this type of behavior (new companies asking actresses to come to the guest house in a suggestive manner) was there in Tamil films, as well. At present, Aamani is busy doing character roles in movies after a long gap she took after marriage.

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