Adipurush US BOPrabhas‘ upcoming mega-budget mythological action epic, Adipurush, is all set to release on June 16, 2023. Based on the epic Ramayana, the film has been generating positive buzz after the release of its trailer and two songs. The film is expected to take a flyer at the box office owing to Prabhas’ undisputed stardom and the Lord Rama theme.

The film is going to have US premieres like any other usual Telugu film from June 15, which means the reports will start pouring in from June 16 after 3 AM IST.

The initial sales at the US box office don’t paint a rosy picture as the numbers are pretty low as of now for a huge-budget film starring Prabhas. His last film, Radhe Shyam, opened to $1.2 Million gross in the USA, and Adipurush has to do much better than that to remain in the race. In fact, Adipurush is expected to generate much higher numbers than Radhe Shyam, considering its large-scale epic nature.

The pre-sales have to pick up in a big way to register a good first-day number in the U.S., or else the opening might turn out to be a shocker instead of a surprise for the film.

The film is exactly two weeks away from its US premieres. The trade is expecting a 100-crore day-one worldwide gross from Adipurush. If that has to happen, the film has to do extremely well in the U.S. and other Overseas markets.