Akhil Akkineni faced a disastrous setback with his recent film, Agent, causing embarrassment to both Akhil and the film’s producers. Despite this setback, there are some wild speculations making rounds about Akhil’s upcoming project under UV Creations, originally scheduled for announcement post-Agent but got delayed.

The intriguing twist is that there are some reports that this new film is set to be launched with a substantial budget of 100 crores. The rumors suggest that despite the financial loss from Agent, the production house seems willing to invest heavily in Akhil’s next venture.

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Taking on a high-budget project comes with both potential rewards and risks, especially considering the Agent’s mind-numbing outcome. Akhil’s career faced uncertainty after the Agent debacle, making his Akkineni fans confused about his next.

The film, helmed by a new director, is set to commence filming in early Summer 2024. If this 100 Cr budget is true this will be another re-re-re launch for him.

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As of now, these speculations might be just rumors to create some hype around the film. It will be really brave on the part of UV creations if they are thinking of investing 100 crores on a new director and Akhil who has not proved himself as a saleable hero even after many attempts.