Allu-Arjun-Reduced-Boothulu-After-ThatThe next episode of Samantha‘s ‘SamJam’ will be one of the most-awaited episodes of the show just because stylish star Allu Arjun is going to be the celebrity guest of that episode. So, Allu Arjun’s fans are eagerly waiting for it.

The promo of the episode has kindled curiosity when Allu Arjun was asked what was the change that he noticed in himself after turning father. e know Allu Arjun and his candid sense of humour. Can you guess what might be his response to this question from Sam?

He simply said, “I’ve reduced using boothulu (cuss words) at home.” That was a quirky one and his fans are expecting more from him in the episode. The last episode was on Chiranjeevi and there were no surprises and it was indeed plain.

Let’s see if Samantha took more freedom as she was his heroine in ‘S/o Satyamurthy’ and make him reveal something that’s new and exciting for the fans to know. Allu Arjun’s usual demeanour in itself entertains audiences, superbly.