Allu Arjun's Best Shot At Pan-India AttentionAllu Arjun is venturing into the pan-India market with Pushpa: The Rise. The forest-based actioner is up for theatrical release on the 17th of December and Allu Arjun is now gearing up to commence the promotional campaign.

The latest reports are suggesting that the makers of Pushpa have devised a new plan that could serve the ‘pan-India’ prospects of the film. They are planning to invite Prabhas for the pre-release event of the film. The idea is to hold a grand event and bring pan-India superstar Prabhas as the chief guest for the same.

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The promotional material released by Pushpa unit until now might not have reached all pockets of the pan-India market, especially so in the Northern circuit. If the makers can pull off a grand pre-release event with Prabhas, they might have all the bases covered ahead of the ‘pan-India’ release.

Prabhas has attained a humongous follower base in the Northern part of the country and his presence could well bring a lot of attention to Pushpa event. While Allu Arjun is already strong in the Telugu states and Kerala, adding Prabhas to the promotional campaign can work very well for Pushpa in the Northern circuit. This can be Allu Arjun’s best shot at pan-India attention.

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