Kalki Pushpa 2 Devara GameChanger

It is known that Kalki, Devara, Pushpa 2, and Game Changer are four of the biggest outings from Telugu cinema in the pan-Indian space in 2024 and the stakes couldn’t have been higher. Coming to the topic, there is one man involved with these four films and he is a common factor between them.

The said man is Anil Thadani, who has bought the North Indian theatrical rights of all these four biggies. He will be releasing these films up North through his distribution house AA Films.

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It is evident that Anil has invested heavily in Tollywood’s big four upcoming films in the pan-Indian space.

The most important thing here for Anil Thadani will be the early push that is needed. In case Kalki is the first big release, if it clicks big time at the box office, then it could open the doors up North for other biggies that are to come up later this year.

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As things stand, Pushpa 2 is the most prospective film of the lot, considering the wide reach for the first part and the sequel advantage. It is expected to wreak havoc at the box office up North if the early reviews and word of mouth are good.

Devara and Game Changer have RRR stars NTR and Ram Charan respectively in the lead roles. Coming to Kalki, it is one of the costliest projects ever in Indian cinema and it too can work well at the box office based on the early reception.

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Anil has multiple big-ticket outings from the South in the coming days and it has to be seen how 2024 will fare for him.