Sandeep Reddy Vanga Animal OTT Netflix Feedback

As mentioned before, the impact that director Sandeep Reddy Vanga made through “Animal” is huge, indicating that he is here to stay and bring more exciting work.

However, the Netflix OTT release of “Animal” has exposed Vanga’s weak point and also a big problem, and this could cost him big if not addressed.

There is a flurry of user reviews on social media, both positive and negative, as expected for a film like “Animal.” However, one thing that can’t be ignored is the significant section of OTT users pointing fingers at the director for unnecessary vulgar language used in the name of ‘bold’ scenes.

While this may look exciting for the time being for Sandeep because more people are talking about him, but once a perception is set on a director, it takes several years to get rid of it. No director can ever earn true respect as a filmmaker or grow big in his career in the long run with this type of ‘tag’ attached to him.

For once, it’s fine; controversy helped “Arjun Reddy,” but the case of “Animal” is different. The majority opinion is that he introduced vulgarity in the name of ‘Bold’ making, citing examples like the Ranbir underwear scene, shaving and his conversations with maids.

Sandeep has the talent to excite the new generation of audiences, and it is unnecessary for him to brand himself this low.

Luckily, he is working with Prabhas next, which will help him get rid of this perception, as with Prabhas on board, there won’t be any room for cheap or B-grade talk in writing.