Vijay Deverakonda‘s Family Star released this week and ended up as a disappointment.

Usually, Family films have very short shelf-life on social media. Unlike the other disastrous films, they are not talked and trolled because they are not taken seriously unless they are atrocious like Brahmotsavam.

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But it is not the case with Family Star. The movie is brutally trolled. Yes, there are certain scenes that deserve trolling but the intensity indicates it is more about Vijay than the movie itself.

Vijay has been lying low after the failure of Liger. However, his ‘200 Crore for sure some day’ did not go well with the people on Social Media.

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Later a clip from the Family Star interview in which Vijay says he never had full-tank petrol until Pellichoopulu went viral on social media. People have become Sherlock Holmes digging into Vijay’s background and were baying his blood.

Class Discrimination previously used to be the Rich and Previliged insulting the poor and middle-class.

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But in social media era, it has taken a different turn altogether.

It is no longer between the rich and the poor. These days it is the Poor Vs Poor and Middle-class Vs Middle-class.

People were decided that certain things were reserved for only the elite. The poor and the middle-class should never dream or talk about going there. Sadly they are the people of same class but they do not have the hunger or ambition and others should not have it as well.

In films, the stardom and the attitude are only reserved for the actors from the influential families. If they show the attitude, people would whistle and cheer them with slogans like ‘Aaattt Annaa’.

But if actors like Vijay talk like that, immediately they are shown their ‘Sthayi or Aukat’.

Be it the 200 Crore comment or the Full-tank petrol statement would not have attracted so much negativity if it was given by a hero with a background.

The negativity started from there and it is going on and on.

Films and actors once they release in theaters will get everything they deserve. Some films get love and some film get hate and trolls. But the hate and trolls should be within the boundaries of the film.

If they go beyond that and unfairly target actors just because they do not have that ‘Sthayi/Aukat/Range’ defined by previlege, it is totally unfair.

Vijay should also realize that he needs to maintain silence until he bags a big hit. Whole World will sit and listen to a winner but when your graph is down, you need to be very careful. Those are the times even a rope will become a snake and bite.

The problem for this issue is not easily achievable. It is very difficult to control the mob on social media. They can only be reined by attaining success and be forced into silence.