Baahubali Aa Bokka... Tamil Fans Hyping PS1Right from the start, Tamil cinema fans have been hyping up Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan as the competition for the mighty Baahubali. They have taken the narrative to a whole new level after the arrival of the trailer.

Tamil fans are sharing screenshots from the trailer and saying that these snaps alone are superior to Baahubli. They are of the opinion that Ponniyin Selvan is bigger and better than Baahubali. They are of the opinion that “Baahubali aa bokaa… Ponniyin Selvan is the real deal”.

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In response, Telugu cinema fans are sharing snapshots of Baahubali and saying these pics alone are far far bigger than Ponniyin Selvan will ever be. They are saying that Tamil fans are simply using Baahubali to gain some sort of attention to Ponniyin Selvan.

Telugu fans are adding that Mani Ratnam himself said Rajamouli’s Baahubali is the fundamental reason he got the courage to do a film of PS’s scale.

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There is a narrative that the Mani Ratnam directorial is Tamil cinema’s answer to the epic Baahubali duology. Well, Baahubali is regarded as a generational two-part film. We should wait and see if Ponniyin Selvan can emulate the feat.