Allu_Arjun_and_Sukumar_Pushpa2_ShootAfter a delay of close to 8 months, Allu Arjun is finally set to kickstart Pushpa 2 and the stage is being prepared for the same now. The unit is already in search of locations for the forthcoming schedule which is reported to commence in July.

However, this might be the best of times to start Pushpa 2. Here’s why.

Pushpa unit is in search of locations in the Maredumilli forest range. Incidentally, the monsoons have just hit Andhra Pradesh and the rainfall in Maredumilli region will be substantially high.

The unrelenting rainfall in the forest area can make shooting a really rough and tough task. The roads in the forest region will be of bad quality due to the rains.

While filming the first part, Sukumar was adamant about shooting in real locations and that was the main reasons behind the delay in the shoot. Same might be the case this time around as well, given the timing of commencement of Pushpa 2’s shoot if things don’t go quite as planned.