Pawan Kalyan - Somu VerrajjuBadvel YSR Congress MLA, Dr. Venkata Subbaiah passed away earlier this week. According to the rules, the constituency will go to elections in the next six months. Having polled around 61% votes in the 2019 elections and with the sympathy factor, YSR Congress will be the favorite here once again.

On the other side, it will be a Tirupati-like similar scenario once again for BJP and Janasena in Badvel. Janasena left this seat to BSP in the 2019 elections and the party just polled 1,321 votes. BJP came sixth here with a paltry 735 votes.

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NOTA has polled better than both the parties with 2,883 votes. That will bring us to the question of who will be contesting from here. This is a constituency where Janasena made no progress after the 2019 elections and so, it will be of no use even if they get to contest.

Tirupati By-Election Result will give us an idea about what BJP will be doing in Badvel.

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