Bigg Boss Season 7

Bigg Boss Season 7 took an unexpected turn with host Nagarjuna introducing a major twist. From the beginning, it was declared as an “Ulda Pulta” season, and this chaos has been evident with numerous surprises. The house witnessed five wild card entries after a month, Rathika’s re-entry after three to four weeks, Gautham’s stint in the secret room, and various twists during tasks, making this week particularly eventful.

The elimination predictions became intriguing as eight contestants faced nominations, with Shobha Shetty and Rathika consistently in the danger zone throughout Week 11.

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Though Amar and Yavar initially held the top two positions in voting, Amardeep emerged as the leader by the end of the week. The expectation was that either Shobha Shetty or Rathika would face elimination, especially with Yavar having an eviction pass to save one contestant.

However, Bigg Boss Season 7 threw a curveball by announcing that there would be no elimination in Week 11. This decision was attributed to the ongoing chaos and twists, adding an element of surprise for the eager audience. The idea was to save more female contestants by lifting the elimination for the week.

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It will be made official during the episode on Sunday.