Bigg Boss Telugu S6: E3: Three Housemates Trying to Gain SympathyIt’s Day 2 in the Bigg Boss house.

On the second day, there are Tasks, Twists, and Nominations in the house.

Revanth vs. Geethu Royal
Both Revanth and Geethu Royal were in the Trash zone. However, both seem to be not on good terms. Geethu suggested to Revanth that he should take some suggestions, but even before he could react, Geethu said that Revanth might not be in the mood to listen to her.

Slide Zara Slide Zare Slide
This was the first challenge of the day for the Mass and Trash housemates to up their game.

Revanth from Trash and Abhinaya Sri from Mass participated in the challenge. Revanth won the challenge and entered the Mass zone. Abhinaya Sri lost the challenge and entered the Trash zone.

Roll Baby Roll
This is the second challenge. Neha from Mass and Inaya from Trash took part in the challenge. Neha won the challenge and entered the class zone. As she lost, Inaya stayed in the Trash zone itself.

3 Housemates Trying for Sympathy
Three among the 21 housemates take the center attraction in the current episode. They are Revanth, Inaya Sulthana, and Geethu Royal.

– Revanth is trying to be a little arrogant. While talking with others in the house or while sharing his opinions, he is being a little harsh. However, he also became emotional after losing a chance to up his game. He cried in the bathroom. It felt like he is trying to grab sympathy.

– Geethu Royal is the synonym for overaction in the house. She is constantly trying to comment on some or the other housemate. After entering the class zone, she intentionally gave some tasks to other housemates and tried to be arrogant. She even passed comments that she would not listen to anyone after becoming the captain. She is trying to gain sympathy wherever possible and is also trying to show an attitude that looks unhealthy.

– Inaya Sulthana looks innocent and is playing the victim card. She passed statements that no one was supporting her in the house. It resulted in a slight backlash against her. The housemates tried to make her understand that it is all part of the game. She seems to be on a mission to gain sympathy.

By the end of the challenges, the three members who are in the Class zone are saved from nominations. Abhinaya Sri, Baladitya, and Inaya Sultana, who is in the Trash zone, are nominated.