Bigg Boss Season 7 has reached its 13th week, having seen the elimination of 12 contestants in the previous 12 weeks. There are eight members in the house, and this week, seven of them have been nominated, with only Amardeep exempted. The suspense has heightened as viewers are eager to know who will face elimination in these crucial last weeks.

In Week 13, the nominated contestants are Shivaji and Pallavi Prashanth, engaged in a close voting competition where one day sees one leading, and the next day witnesses a shift. Yavar holds the third position, with favorable voting trends for these three contestants.

Arjun secured the next spot, followed by Gautham in fifth place, Priyanka in sixth place, and Shobha Shetty in the last position. The voting percentages indicate a minimal difference among the last four contestants.

This episode witnessed a decline in Priyanka’s votes, possibly influenced by her altercation with Amardeep. As a result, both Priyanka and Shobha find themselves in the danger zone this week.

However, indications suggest that the organizers may lean towards eliminating Gautham or Arjun in the upcoming eviction.