In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the absence of Shivaji’s gang in the captaincy task brought an interesting dynamic to the game. The episode kicked off with the conclusion of the eviction pass decision. While expressing her opinion, Shobha faced an emotional manipulation attempt from Shivaji, who hinted that it wouldn’t benefit her if she didn’t align with his people. As Sanchalak (supervisor) contemplated the decision, Yavar was ultimately declared the winner of the eviction pass.

Shobha, triggered by Shivaji’s comments, expressed her readiness to face punishment if she made a wrong decision as per the rules. Shivaji, however, exaggerated his concerns, stating that 90 percent of conflicts and arguments occurred when Shobha was in charge, seemingly attempting to shift blame onto her.

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Despite Yavar winning the eviction pass, Shivaji continued to create drama. Shobha, feeling isolated, held a meeting, expressing her disappointment that supposed friends had turned against her.

The episode transitioned into a game where contestants had to build a tower with bricks, with four participants competing. In the end, Amar and Priyanka were the last contenders for captaincy. Despite Amar’s excitement and attempts to use strategies, Priyanka emerged victorious, leaving Amar visibly disappointed. Priyanka tried to console Amar, expressing her happiness if he had won, but Amar’s response suggested a strain in their friendship.

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The episode concluded with Amar’s emotional breakdown, highlighting the complexity of relationships within the house. The absence of Shivaji’s gang added a layer of unpredictability to the game, making it more engaging for viewers.