Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-7-NagarjunaThe show’s host, Nagarjuna, kicked off the day with a series of fun games this Sunday. To add a unique twist to the house dynamics, they transformed it into the “Bigg Boss Empire,” inspired by the grandeur of the Baahubali universe. The task was to assign roles of characters from the epic saga, Bhallaladeva (the antagonist) and Kattappa (known for back pain), to each housemate.

Subsequently, an engaging guessing game unfolded between the Randhira and Mahabali teams. The objective was to identify heroes based on their costumes and deduce the movies they represented. While Randhira’s team secured only 2 points, the Mahabali team excelled with 8 points, winning the luxury budget task.

The episode culminated in the elimination process, where Teja and Shakila found themselves in the hot seat. As anticipated, Shakila was eliminated from the house, evoking an emotional response from the entire house. Teja, Sandeep, Shobha Shetty, Priyanka, and Damini were visibly moved, shedding tears.

However, what is surprising to everyone is that Nagarjuna is displaying a bias towards a couple of housemates, especially Rathika. Despite her unimpressive game, Rathika did not get enough warnings. Instead, the BB team is giving her ample screentime and opportunities to set things right. Everyone thought that Nag would become angry on her for her performance in last week but surprisingly, he left her by giving a sweet warning which hardly made any impact.

With two housemates already eliminated, this seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu promises more surprises as we await to see who will enter and exit the house in the upcoming third week. The buzz is that a wild card entry may happen this week.