Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: SWOT Analysis on Finalists

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 was launched with the tag ‘Ulta Pulta.’ The season is coming to an end in just one week. Unlike other seasons, this season has 6 finalists. Let us look into the SWOT analysis of these six finalists.


His strength is popularity and his goodwill. His support to Prashanth and Yavar was well received by the audiences. His weakness is his loose tongue. His threat is the growing popularity of Prashanth an the favouritism being shown to Star MAA batch. His opportunity is that there is less negativity against him.

Pallavi Prashanth

Having entered the house as Raithu Bidda, he grew into a star contestant in less time. His strength is being grounded. There are no considerable weaknesses that could bring his game down. His opportunity is that he plays every game well. His threat is the Star MAA batch again.

Prince Yavar

He also improved his game with the inputs from Sivaji. His friendship with Prashanth also helped him well. He may not be the winner of the season but he could be a runner. But, his threat is Star MAA batch again. If Sivaji or Prashanth becomes the winner, Yavar might end up in fourth place.


He entered the house as the wild card contestant. Hence, the chances by default are very bleak for him to be the winner or runner of the season.


His strength is his popularity again. Despite playing fouls and showing anger on other housemates, he is continuing in the house because of the favourisitsm being displayed by the Bigg Boss organizers. His weakness is the rise of SPY batch. His opportunity is that he survived all this while without playing well and hence can expect that he would become a runner. His threat is the popularity of other contestants.

Priyanka Jain

Her entry into the finals is just because of luck and other combinations. There are less chances for Priyanka to either become a winner or runner.