Vijay Deverakonda and Parasuram reunited after Geetha Govindam for Family Star and the film opened in theaters the other day. Despite the combination factor, the film didn’t see good advance bookings nor did the booking trends pick up over the course of the day.

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As a result, Family Star has started on a very ordinary note at the box office with the film reportedly collecting in the range of Rs 1.5 crore share in the Nizam region. This is a rather slow start.

The situation isn’t promising in the ceded belt or any other major circuit in the Telugu states. The sedate start has meant that the film will need a huge push from the target family audience over the weekend if it is to even look at the safe zone or perhaps get anywhere close to it.

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In the USA, the film has grossed over $450K till now and this is also an ordinary number for the Vijay Deverakonda starrer.

In the Telugu states, the burning heatwave, ongoing IPL season, and coming elections are influential factors that could affect the box office run. We have to see if the film can brave these challenges and pull the audience with the below-par word of mouth it has garnered.

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