Earlier in the year in February a film released that many might have forgotten already in two months time despite coming with decent hype. We are talking about the film Basanti which had the perfect pre release promotion and the right release. It was supposed to re-launch Gautam, son of Brahmanandam and give director Chaitanya Dantuluri a big break after Baanam. Alas! None of those things happened.

It looks like now Brahmanandam has to pay for the loss incurred by the makers as the cost of the product was more than what the market was for the actor. According to reports doing the rounds in the industry Brahmanandam has reportedly agreed to do a film for Basanti producers tentatively titled as Nakkoncham Tikkundi Daniko Lekkundi. The film is expected to go onto sets soon and all details regarding the film would be revealed then. One just hopes that this film’s doesn’t add to already existing loses.