Singer-Sid-SriramFor a while now, there have been complaints about the vocal renditions of happening singer Sid Sriram in Telugu. Telugu language experts have been stating that Sriram messes up the vocabulary with his renditions.

Now, senior journalist and Telugu language scholar Dhatri Mahati has delivered a brutal lesson to Sid Sriram and also Telugu lyricists and music composers.

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“If lyricists take a few pointers while writing lyrics for songs crooned by Sid Sriram, Telugu people can escape the wrath of Sriram. Please don’t use the words like “unte” “pante” “manti” while writing lyrics for him. If you do, he’ll spell them like “ulte” “palte” “malte”.

He further pointed out that Telugu directors, lyricists and musicians are strangely not finding any fault with Sid’s renditions. He advised them to hand over the lyrics to Sid Sriram in English script so that he doesn’t get the words mixed up and misspells them. This informative video on Sid, which has a sarcastic touch all along is now going viral on social media.

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Maybe it’s time for Telugu filmmakers to indeed take this matter seriously as this notion has been around for a long time now.

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