NGK - SarkarQuite unexpectedly, Vijay Ilayapathy’s ‘Sarkar’ is going to come this Diwali to compete with Suriya’s political drama ‘NGK’. Interestingly, even Vijay’s movie is a political action thriller. When two biggies are coming on the same day, what would be the scenario?

There are no second thoughts about the fact that Suriya is a talented hero. But, when it comes to his box-office potential, he hasn’t shown any growth after a point. He is presently struggling for a solid hit after average successes. What will happen if he had to face a tough competitor like Vijay?

Vijay’s box-office potential is way ahead of Suriya. The first look of ‘Sarkar’ came out yesterday and started on a smashing note. This movie is coming with the added craze because of the combination. Vijay and AR Murugadoss combination always comes with a hurricane at the box-office. We have to wait and see if Suriya can take on the two big brands together?