Chaavu Kaburu Challaga TrailerThe trailer of Karhtikeya’s ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga‘ is out and the first impression on the trailer is that it’s all about Karthikeya and Lavanya, and they seem to be in every frame of the trailer and will it be the same in the movie as well?

For Karthikeya, it seems to be a different role and a different love angle altogether. Though that seems to be working, the fluctuation in the Telugu accent he used from one to another is a bit off. Lavanya Tripathi is seen in a total deglamorised look as a widow.

Overall, the trailer gives an okayish vibe with the plot of the movie quite obvious and the conflict is shown in full bloom in the promo. So, the rest will depend on the way the director of the movie Kaushik Pegallapati handled the narrative.

Allu Arjun is going to be the chief guest at the pre-release event to begin now and will his presence and the following publicity help the movie? Let’s wait and see.