Malayalam actor Mammootty is facing cyber-attacks over his 2022 film “Puzhu.” Right-wing supporters claim the film is anti-Brahmanical and call it propaganda. However, many fans, politicians, and people from various backgrounds support the actor.

Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty was quick to defend Mammootty. He stated on Facebook that such attacks wouldn’t work and called Mammootty a pride of Kerala. Many others from inside and outside the film industry have also shown their support.

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Minister A K Rajan criticized the right-wing attacks. He noted that such attacks have a history of targeting actors with communal narratives. He emphasized that Kerala’s political climate does not tolerate hate politics. Despite the online targeting, many netizens have dismissed the allegations.

The backlash started after a comment by the husband of “Puzhu” director Ratheena PT. He claimed the film was anti-Brahmanical.

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However, support for Mammootty has come from various political leaders, including V Sivankutty, K Rajan, and AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal. They stressed that the secular society of Kerala would not endorse such propaganda.

Mammootty has not yet responded to the controversy.

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