Few committees have begun a strike in Visaka against the release of the movies, Rowdy and Legend. Starring Mohan Babu and Balakrishna, respectively, the movies Rowdy and Legend concentrate of factionism and bloodshed with politics as background. East-Andhra JAC has put up a strike claiming that movies like these are the major reason for the rise of crime rate in politics. They have also sent letters to the Censor Board and DGP requesting to stop these movies from releasing, for good.

“Because of movies like these, the crime rates in politics are increasing. Ram Gopal Varma is making films based on Rayalaseema faction only to make money and become rich, not caring for the future outcomes. Ram Gopal Varma must be arrested in the next 48 hours”, says Coastal film chamber head.

With elections approaching soon, how correct it is to release movies like these filled with bloodshed and political wars, which provoke the immoral instinct of a person?