Dil Raju's Promise Turns Out To Be Fake For F3Very recently, Dil Raju said he will implement an economic ticket pricing for F3. But as it turns out, Raju’s promise is a fake one.

Raju said the pricing at premium plexes in Hyderabad will be Rs 250+ GST and Rs 250 including GST at normal plexes.

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But cut to now, the majority of the multiplexes not just the premium ones like AMB Cinemas, but also the normal ones are going for Rs 295 pricing slab.

Even the single screens are selling at Rs 175. Netizens are commenting that Raju has broken his promise regarding F3 ticket pricing.

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There are no ticket hikes for F3 but the highest possible pricing – Rs 295 at multiplexes and Rs 175 for single screens is in effect for the film.

The government permitted these prices for flexibility prices but the makers are seeing this as the standard pricing.

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Raju had promised nominal prices for F3 but he has gone for the maximum possible pricing for the film. He himself said that F3 banks on family audience and that is why he has decided to enforce economical pricing for the film.

But given the pricing that is in effect for the film, bringing the family audience to the theaters is going to be a daunting task for F3.