Prabhu Deva Lashes Out against Critics!Prabhu Deva’s latest film R… Rajkumar received some very tough and biting reviews. Prabhu Deva uncharacteristically did not take this well and lashed against the critics especially in the wake of the movie opening pretty well in both single theatres and multiplexes. Prabu Deva rehetorically asked his critics that what was it that they found so terrible about his movie that they went on making personal remarks about him. He also said that if the critics were of the opinion that his particular style has become tired and overused, then why is it that his new film opened so well in both single theatres and multiplexes.

Prabhu Deva also stated that with all due respects, critics have no right to decide what kinds of movies Prabhu should make and it was obvious that the audiences who went to see his movie clearly did not give any consideration to the comments or reviews given by the critics!

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