Director Parasuram Has 13 Crore Liability To 14 Reels!Parasuram has been entering many bad books in Tollywood lately. Earlier today, Allu Aravind complained about Parasuram as he said Chandoo Mondeti hasn’t cheated him like the former and committed to do a film with him. He mocked Parasuram about how he skipped a GA2 production with Vijay Deverakonda.

The producers at 14 Reels are also upset with the director.

The production house was supposed to materialize the combination of Parasuram and Naga Chaitanya but Parasuram dumped the Akkineni Hero for Mahesh Babu.

Parasuram then took a script to Karthi and 14 Reels were supposed to produce it. Karthi said he would do this film in November or January once he’s done with his prior commitment.

Meanwhile, Parasuram changed the route again and took up the project with Vijay Deverakonda under Dil Raju production before Karthi‘s film.

14 Reels now argue that Parasuram has conveniently moved to Vijay’s film and that leaves them with the risk of Karthi too taking it easy and looking for some other project. They faced a double blow with Parasuram now.

According to a source in the Filmnagar, 14 Reels argue that they’ve had Rs 13 crore (including interests) liability with Parasuram with the two mentioned projects. They’re at least looking for a settlement with Parasuram or a partnership in Vijay Deverakonda’s film which he’s directing under Dil Raju’s production.

14 Reels are in no mood to allow the project to happen unless their issue is settled. Meanwhile, Dil Raju is not bothered about any of this and he’s carrying on with the project.

With Parasuram entering so many bad books, including that of Allu Aravind’s, if things go south for him, it has to be seen if any Tollywood big heads will come to his support when there is trouble in days to come.