Drugs Case

It is known that Tollywood was rattled by the 2017 drugs case, as a part of which the Special Investigation Team filed 12 cases and interrogated several Tollywood celebrities over drug consumption allegations. The final hearing on the case was wrapped up today and here is a look at the same.

The SIT had sent the fingernail and hair samples of the accused in the case. However, the Forensic Science Lab tested only the samples belonging to Puri Jagannadh and Tarun.

It was later concluded by the FSL’s drug test that there were no traces of drugs in Puri and Tarun’s samples. Meaning, they are not guilty of drug consumption.

Based on this report from the FSL, the Nampally court has concluded that there is no decisive evidence in the case to find the accused guilty and struck down the case today.

The court commented that the investigating agency didn’t follow the designated drug case procedure in the Tollywood drugs case and moreover, there is no hard proof and evidence in the case, before striking it down today.