Fahadh Faasil has cemented his status as one of the most accomplished actors in contemporary Indian cinema, consistently delivering stellar performances.

In his latest film, Aavesham, Fahadh Faasil delivers one more roaring performance establishing his versatility once again. The National Award-winning actor has solidified his position once again as a phenomenal actor in Malayalam cinema.

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After the OTT boom during the pandemic, people from other states also started discovering the magic of Fahad Faasil. People loved his performance in films like Kumbalangi Nights, Trance, and Joji.

Fahadh Faasil is now going to reprise the role of Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat in the hugely anticipated Pushpa 2.

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However, his role in the first part of Pushpa received brickbats from the audience as well as critics. His role was short, poorly written, and had no impact. Many people thought Sukumar made a mistake by casting him.

But after seeing FaFa’s performance in recent films like Vikram, Maamannan, and now Aavesham, it became obvious that Sukumar was the culprit for not using his talent properly.

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However, this time fans have high hopes for FaFa’s performance in Pushpa 2. People are now expecting that this time at least Sukumar will properly utilize his abundant talent.

The appreciation Fahadh Faasil is getting for each of his films is definitely building pressure on Sukumar to come up with a fantastically written role for Fahadh Faasil that does justice to his talent.

Fans are hopeful that FaFa’s scenes with Allu Arjun will spark fireworks in theaters. We have to see how Sukumar has designed Bhanwar Singh’s character this time.