FB likes craze to land Hyd Youth in JailThe order of the day is more about getting Facebook likes than interacting with the immediate person who is eager to chat away. This Facebook mania to get maximum ‘likes’ has ended a Hyderabad Youth in a legal hassle according to which he would be tried as an accused under ‘Wild Life Protection Act’. What for? Read this.

One Fazal Shaik, 24, circulated some of his photos on social media. These photos were taken when he went to Nehru Zoological Park last May. In his craze for getting maximum likes for his pics, Fazal tried a crazy stunt. He got inside the enclosure where the oldest inhabitant of the zoo, a Galapogos tortoise is placed. Fazal took photos posing atop on the tortoise which is over 120 years.

Naturally this is breach of ‘wild Life Protection Act’ and hence Fazal’s crazy act proved too expensive for him and was arrested by police. If proved guilty (Isn’t he? See the pic), he would have to spend six months behind bars or else pay Rs.2000 as penalty. What an expensive Stunt for Facebook likes!