Harish Shankar Harish Shankar announced Ustaad Bhagat Singh with Pawan Kalyan a while back. This film started the shoot and then got halted. Until recently, there were doubts if this project would even happen.

But the recent developments suggest that the project is happening. And in this connection, Harish’s new tweet has become a hot topic.

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Reacting to tweet about how Ustaad could have more political satire dialogues, Harish shared an aggressive snap of Pawan. This is clearly an implication that Harish is likely to load the film with political satire.

Well, for starters, the makers of Bro had to go through a lot for including a scene that allegedly resembles Ambati Rambabu. They repeatedly claimed that this political reference isn’t intentional.

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Ambati and YCP then threatened Trivikram, the main writer for the project and now, there are doubts if YCP government could come back to haunt Trivikram’s Guntur Karam. If that happens, Mahesh will bear the crux of the attack for untoward reasons.

And coming back to Harish’s tweet, he has poked the big bear at the wrong time. The project hasn’t even resumed the shoot and he has already implied about political satires. Having this unnecessary headache even before resuming the shoot is not a positive start for anyone.

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Moreover, Mythri Movie Makers have many projects that are in production. If Harish is already signalling that Ustaad has political references, given Jagan’s nature, it shouldn’t be a surprise if AP government comes down on Mythri’s films, which will certainly destroy their prospects.

Silently keeping political satires and facing the brunt after the release is one thing. But doing it even before the project starts the shoot isn’t the wisest thing to do.